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Tim Trimmier, Website Performance Tuner

I am a freelance website engineer, database designer and developer. I specialize in applying industry leading ("Gold Standard") methods to Retail Websites. Tuning your website's front end enables customers to find the product faster therefore generating more sales. Tuning your website's back end will dramatically improve your inventory management - faster turns, reduce shortages/overages and quicker replenishment. These efforts will significantly affect your Cash Flow and Net Profits.

Website Front-end Tuning

The front-end is the customer's view. They want to find what they want now. Customers are familiar with modern retail store merchandising layouts. It is best to present your online store in a form that is similar to that format. Products are organized into familiar areas, isle, shelves and products. Thus, customers can browse products in a familiar manner. Responses to browsing requests are accelerated by pre-fetching the next webpage (using the RevUp-Engine). This creates a pleasant shopping experience which will prompt them to return and tell their friends.

Website Back-end Tuning

The back-end is the managers' view. They want to view sales activities and manage inventory.

Industries Served:

  • New Vehicle Dealers
  • Retail Stores
  • Social Networks

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